Crate Expectations (AKA The Cratest Story Ever Told)

Recently I had to build some wood crates for a collaboration with the ladies of sitting in a tree.  I decided that the ones online were too expensive and I could easily make them myself.  I harnessed my inner Vermonter work-with-your-hands heritage and drew up some plans and bought some supplies.  Below is a photo essay of my project shot with my Hipstamatic Camera App.

First I cut the wood to the correct size according to my plans. Most of the wood close was already close to correct measurements thanks to my local hardware store lumber yard.  Lens: Helga Viking, Film: Blanko, Flash: Off


I glued the pieces into place and while they were tacky moved them around so that everything was flush... Lens: Kaimal Mark II, Film: Pistil, Flash: Dreampop


I clamped the wood for 1 hour... Lens: Kaimal Mark II, Film: Pistil, Flash: Cherry Shine


Nailed the edges together...  Lens: John S, Film: Pistil, Flash: Cadet Blue Gel


Sanded the rough edges down...  Lens: John S, Film: Kodot XGrizzled, Flash: Cadet Blue Gel


Patched up any holes with glue...  Lens: Jimmy, Film: Ina's 1969, Flash: Laser Lemon Gel


And they are ready to paint...  Lens: Jimmy, Film: Pistil, Flash: Laser Lemon Gel

Stay tuned more photos and even a video of the completed installation and just how we intend to use these crates.