Cream of the crop


I've been harvested!  What does that mean you say?  Only that our super rad friends at Bash, Please are having the 4th installment of their amazing showcase event that features everything here and now in the world of weddings (formerly known as Hitched).  Anywho, they chose little ol' me for the videography category, so come March 1st I will be in at The Book Bindery in Culver City struttin' my stuff....Wahooooo! 

What's that you are saying now?  Oh you wish you could be there?  Well you are in luck because I happen to have two tickets in my hot little hand and can't wait to give them away...but not without a little fanfare.   So here's what we are going to do:  Below are two stills from a certain movie that shall remain nameless:

Your job is to answer the following in the comments section:

1. What is the name of the movie?

2. What is the name of the actress?

3. What is the quote being said during this scene?

First person who does so wins the tickets.  Good luck and see you in LA!