Scratchy beginnings...

I used to dig through my dad’s dusty vinyl crates and play them on an old turntable in my sister’s room.  I listened to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and many others while my schoolmates were listening to Disney soundtracks and Raffi.  I still remember the sound of the rich scratchy vinyl through my dad’s big headphones.

I fell in love with DJing in 2000 while in London.  I went to clubs and DJ spots like Fabric, The Garden, Bar Rumba and Herbal.  I spun my first record for a crowd in a smelly Irish Pub in Covent Garden and couldn’t even enjoy the song because I was so nervous.  I bought my first DJ setup later that year after returning to the states.  The rest as they say…

I believe DJs should add their style and musical interpretation and take nothing away from an event.  I don't speak on a microphone unless its called for, and I know how to read a crowd to change the playlist to keep them on the dancefloor.  I let the music get the people on their feet and don't make over-the-top announcements or play games.  I customize my playlist for every client and with a list of just a few songs I can easily build the entire feel for an event.

If this sounds like a DJ style you would be interested in at your next event, please contact me.



Mixcloud Mixes

my good friends at Dart Collective host a monthly night up on the roof of the ace hotel in downtown la.   soul, funk, hip hop and deep house mixed with stunning rooftop views made for a memorable evening.

i started a local DJ night at Georges in la jolla, ca.  this was mixed to the sunset on a summer night.

a collection of classic rock remixes spun live at herringbone in la jolla, ca


Other Mixes

Another mix from a night at george's...

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Track listing:

Can I Kick It? (Pimp Juices' Cash Money Breaks) - A Tribe Called Quest / Pimp Juice
Cult Logic -  Miike Snow
In The Morning - Junior Boys
Collarbone - Fujiya & Miyagi

The Girl From Ipanema (Remix) - Stan Getz

Little Talks (The Knocks Remix) - Of Monsters And Men
Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix) - Body Language
Breathe - Telepopmusik

California Sunset - Poolside

Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb
Connected - Stereo MCs
Do For Love - Get Down Edits

*   *   *

A wedding in LA at the rad space that is Marvimon which is the sister space to Smog Shoppe. I spun the  night with movies being played on a big screen behind me (The Bride and groom worked for Disney and Pixar).  There were lots of guests from LA and lots from Vancouver, BC and when I played Thriller they broke apart to either sides of the room and had a LA vs. Vancouver dance off complete with a projection of the music video and matching dance moves.

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I DJed an event back in the day called "Summertime and the Living is Easy" at Casa Artelexia in Little Italy.  MiHO Gastrotruck and Viva Pops supplied the food, Sitting In A Tree Events did the styling.  The music was a mix of old school hip hop with some summer classics thrown in for good measure.

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