John & Julie at Radonich Ranch


I had the pleasure of filming this gorgeous ranch wedding up in Los Gatos, CA.  The groom is a restauranteur and the bride is a clothing designer who specializes in re-purposed and organic fabrics.  As you can imagine  this combination made for one amaizing wedding.

The original posting on Ruffled with Kate Harrison's stunning photos can be found here.

The song is "Lover" by Devendra Banhart

a food truck wedding

This shoot started at our friends Juan and Farra's house with bloody marys, sangria, micheladas and some Lefty's thin crust Chicago style pizza. It moved on to the models trying on various outfits and accessories provided by Lo Boheme and getting their makeup done by Ten.Eleven Makeup. Everyone was then brought to the shoot location; a secret field that we had discovered right in the heart of San Diego. The ladies of sitting in a tree did the styling, MIHO Gastrotruck did the catering and the ladies of Joielala Photography captured the whole thing. A special thanks goes out to the San Diego police officer and park ranger for being amazingly cool and letting us finish the shoot without a ticket or citation. Truly an amazing day surrounded by amazing people.

The track is "Something Good Can Work" by Two Door Cinema Club.

Check out the other posts with all the photos on Green Wedding Shoes, sitting in a tree and Joielala Photography.

Roll the Dicer

Does anyone not love these little controllers by Novation?  They are tons of fun and help control everything in the mix seamlessly.  It will take your game to the next level.

Novation Dicer: cue-point, looping and FX control for Digital DJs:
This palm-sized cue point and looping controller has been designed to fit exactly where you need it: on your turntables, CDJs, mixer or laptop. Dicer always ships in pairs - one for each side.
Dicer works with almost any DJ software and it is optimised for use with:
• Serato Scratch Live
• Traktor Scratch Duo/Pro
• Traktor Pro
A pair of Dicer gives you a total of 60 buttons:
Dicer can trigger samples, cue-points, loops and FX. You can use Dicer to browse through playlists, nudge tracks backwards and forwards or it can be freely assigned to whatever functions you want. Coloured LEDs behind each button tell you what mode you are in.
Dicer was designed by Novation in collaboration with Ean Golden - DJ and curator of DJ Tech Tools. Ean came up with the concept of a controller that fits on the turntable, and his contribution has been crucial in helping Novation design and develop Dicer.


Brand new...

I don't like it unless it's (brand new)
You might see me in my (brand new) whip
With my (brand new) chick, pumpin' my (brand new) picks
You don't like it - get off my (brand new)

I just picked up some new equipment, among which was the amazing Digitech JamMan Delay Looper/Phrase Sampler.

I am just beginning to scratch the surface, but man does this pedal do amazing things.  I will post some samples or videos soon...

A year ago today...

Tori & Austin at City Hall from Austin Hendrix on Vimeo.

Today is the one-year anniversary to our American-soil City Hall wedding.

Because we had our wedding in Mexico, we had to go to City Hall here in San Diego to make everything nice and legal. We were upset that our dogs Briar and Lola couldn't come to Mexico with us, so we brought them along for the ceremony on the front lawn overlooking the harbor. Tori's sister Lacey acted as a witness and a second shooter as we captured the whole thing on super 8mm. After the ceremony the dogs felt like celebrating and ran free and wild for a bit until we could catch them again. The excitement of finally being a real family just got the better of them, I guess. 

The song is "All My Days" by Alexi Murdoch.

J'Adore Lingerie


I recently shot a little vignette at the LA lingerie shop Faire Frou Frou for Rue Magazine with the ladies of Sitting In A Tree, Lou Mora & Sarah Yates Photography and a handful of beautiful models. The shots all came out great due to the fact that visually everything was stunning. A special thanks to Steve Papin for being a second shooter and helping me out in general for the day.

Crate Expectations (AKA The Cratest Story Ever Told)

Recently I had to build some wood crates for a collaboration with the ladies of sitting in a tree.  I decided that the ones online were too expensive and I could easily make them myself.  I harnessed my inner Vermonter work-with-your-hands heritage and drew up some plans and bought some supplies.  Below is a photo essay of my project shot with my Hipstamatic Camera App.

First I cut the wood to the correct size according to my plans. Most of the wood close was already close to correct measurements thanks to my local hardware store lumber yard.  Lens: Helga Viking, Film: Blanko, Flash: Off


I glued the pieces into place and while they were tacky moved them around so that everything was flush... Lens: Kaimal Mark II, Film: Pistil, Flash: Dreampop


I clamped the wood for 1 hour... Lens: Kaimal Mark II, Film: Pistil, Flash: Cherry Shine


Nailed the edges together...  Lens: John S, Film: Pistil, Flash: Cadet Blue Gel


Sanded the rough edges down...  Lens: John S, Film: Kodot XGrizzled, Flash: Cadet Blue Gel


Patched up any holes with glue...  Lens: Jimmy, Film: Ina's 1969, Flash: Laser Lemon Gel


And they are ready to paint...  Lens: Jimmy, Film: Pistil, Flash: Laser Lemon Gel

Stay tuned more photos and even a video of the completed installation and just how we intend to use these crates.


I may throw away all my other DJ equipment...

I impromptu DJed a New Year's house party with my iPad using Algoriddim's djay app.  Right as the clock hit midnight I simply put it on a table near the already-in-use iPod setup, connected a few wires to the speakers and my headphones, and away we went.  People were staring in wonder, everyone wanted a chance to try scratching on the virtual turn-tables and a dance party immediately started. 

There are definitely some limitations to the app like only being able to have one cue point per song and the BPM being off on some songs, but in general I like what I see and am excited for the future of the iPad as a DJ tool.  I am also doing research into which app will seamlessly incorporate my iPad into my already existing DJ setup.  On second thought, maybe I won't throw it all away...

Features of iPad:

Direct access to iTunes music library
Realistic low-latency turntable interface
Automix mode with automatic transition control (Fade, Backspin, Reverse, Brake, Random)
Live Recording (with built–in organizer for recorded performances)
Seamless AirPlay integration (wirelessly transmit your mix to Apple TV or AirPort Express station)
Pre–Cueing (with optional headphones adapter)
BPM analysis with automatic beat and tempo matching
Full visual waveform with beat–synchronized scrubbing
High–quality scratching
Mixer, Tempo and EQ controls
Cue Point Trigger
Fully optimized for iOS 4.2 multitasking and background operation

Gee Whiz, It's Christmas...

I filmed an amazing shoot recently with sittinginatree, Joielala Photography and the owners of Belli Belli Salon on a wintery day in South Park.  Our own house was the backdrop and because it was well before Thanksgiving our neighbors had a thing or two to say about breaking with tradition and stringing up the lights early.  We had a blast and both the photos and video turned out pretty darn good if you don't mind me saying.  So good, in fact that 100 Layer Cake has picked up our shoot and decided to do a nice little posting for us.  Happy Holidays!

All images courtesy of Joielala Photography.